All India Neurological Conference, 2000

  ONGC 2000 ( Millenium ( Dance Vs Engg)

  US Embassy ( invite audience) Rythm Section

  Thematic Presentations

  Bharathanatyam Arangetram for more than 50 students

  Vocal Arangetram - 4 Students

  Mridanga Arangetram - 4 Senior Students

  Navarathiri Celebrations

  Pongal Programmes

  Krishna Janmashtami

  New Year Celebrations

  In-House Performances

  Chalangai Pooja for more than 200 Students

  Shivarathiri Celebrations

  Gurupoornima Celebrations

  Sarada Devi 150th Anniversary Celebrations for Sri Ramakrishna Mutt

  In-House Vocal Concerts

  Natyanjali Festival in Chidambaram

  TV Performances

  Govt. Functions

  Thyagaraja Aradhana Celebrations

  Sri Muddusvami Dikshitar Celebration

  Corporate Functions

  Projects Handled b Swaralaya

Spreading our wings to other parts of the world

Dance, Drama & Nadopasana Presentations in other countries

More than 50 Students from different parts of the world have specialized in dance and music













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