Sri E.S.J. Chandran, Founder Trustee of Guruguhalaya Trust, an NRI having served Singapore broadcasting corporation for 32 years and now settled in Chennai.

  Message from the Founder

Swaralaya was started with a motto - Promote and propagate dance and music and all traditional cultural activities and also for the less fortunate to acquire the skills very unconditionally. Swaralaya goes beyond music and dance with empathy to the poor, with dedication and human touch. This is an unique organization where students are humble to learn and teachers are so loving to teach. Swaralaya's slogan is service to Fine Arts is Service to God. Really we want to do it. Any Child who comes to swaralaya can expect to learn as much as they can learn from the teachers here.

What Swaralaya Does ?

Swaralaya sustains itself with the generosity and exuberant energy of voluntary staff members that promotes participation rather than profound debate, that views Arts as an end itself, that denies that viability can best be measured in monetary terms.

Swaralaya believes that the public performances is an divine offering..with humility..all performances are not evaluated in monetary terms but the degree of self satisfaction that has been expressed by the audience also.

Swaralaya has been conduction classes in Bharathanatyam, Vocal and Instrumental Music Since 1999. Our Dedicated teachers have been well trained in recognized institutions of fine arts.

  Our Public Performances




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