A Divine Offering to the World of Arts...

SWARALAYA Academy of Fine Arts is the cultural wing of Guruguhalaya Trust, a charitable educational and service oriented organization. Within a Short span, swaralaya has expanded by leaps and bounds and today has a strength of 1000 students learning Bharathanatyam, Bhajans, Carnatic - Vocal / Hindustani, Drums/ Pad, Flute, Ghatam, Guitar, Harmonium, Kanjeera, Keyboard (Carnatic & Western), Western Dance, Mridangam, Painting & Drawing, Piano, Sitar, Sloka classes for childrens, Tabla,  Veena, Violin, Yoga etc., and the students strength is growing day by day. About 100 students are under scholarship granted by Guruguhalaya Trust.

Dedicated, experienced and highly qualified teaching staffs, teach and look after the children with love and care and the parents  of the students are the best PRO's of swaralaya. The Staff, students and the parents interact as one big family and swaralaya to them is more of a Temple than a mere academy.

Apart from the usual curriculum, children are also taught to appreciate the greatness of our ancient traditional culture, mythological and spiritual values to shape them in to future citizens and leader of this country.

Swaralaya seeks to be formative more than informative and does not have for its end mere acquisition of knowledge. Its legitimate sphere is not only to develop natural talents talents but also to shape them and to enable them to absorb and express the permanent values of culture.

We strive to take into account not only the faces of a student's personality but the totality of their relations and lead them to the highest fulfillments which they are capable of.

Our ultimate aim is to teach one and all to appreciate and live up to the permanent values of the arts which flow the creative consciousness of the universe.


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